The Trump administration is removing restrictions to "please the chemical industry," Earthjustice attorney charges.
The new rules are a “breathtaking" and “illegal” attack on the bedrock conservation law, an Earthjustice attorney said.
Critics say officials are ignoring the potential threat to wildlife and the environment.
“The notion that we, tonight, after 60-plus years, would give up what is a biologically important area ... for what? For oil we don’t need?”
The regulation limits the amount of methane that oil and gas operations can release on federal land.
Food waste has gotten a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. In the United States, we trash up to 40 percent of our post
“We would all achieve so much more if we broke down those negative barriers at an early age.”
FDA scientists reported on the risks of this practice decades ago, yet the agency has failed to crack down on the abuse of
  (US Capitol/US Government Work) Misguided fossil fuel interests cannot and must not succeed. I believe we can successfully
The biologically diverse islands are home to some 3,500 residents.