While my boys still get a bit of candy in their baskets, I am always on the lookout for non-edible, fun treats to fill the plastic eggs for our family Easter egg hunt.
These five Easter ideas are each so simple that even I managed to make them with all three rascals under foot, on the counter and running around the kitchen shouting things like "I want to help!", "I'm thirsty!" and "Will you read this book?"
I love doing craft projects with my children that we can also enjoy when we celebrate upcoming holidays and the coming of spring is no exception. Spring provides so many fun and different ways to get creative without using too much time and precious energy.
Sometimes we choose death-in-life because we're afraid of the challenges that might come if we embraced resurrection-in-life.
The five best sources for crafts, decorations and table ideas for your holiday.
These inexpensive and simple crafts will help you create a holiday no one will forget.
PHOTO: Nail color steps: 1. Shape, buff and prep nails with Illamasqua Base Coat. 2. On first hand, paint ring finger, middle