Eastern Christianity

Trump has successfully marketed himself as the protector of Middle Eastern Christians.
I am not suggesting that we just suppose that everyone around us can be trusted and we need not worry about our personal safety or the security of personal belongings. But I do propose giving up the practice of focusing on the faults of other people and, instead, looking for their good qualities.
These "clash of civilization" expressions, say the Orthodox faculty members at Fordham, rely on "flawed assumptions about Orthodox Christian history and doctrine." It is important to get this story and scene right, they argue because it will play out politically wherever "East vs. West" language is convenient in various causes.
My first experience of Easter services in an Orthodox church was not what I had expected. I was astonished to see that I was one of only three people sitting in the airy expanse of the church.
When you look at Eastern Christianity's images, they are all -- save one -- quite recognizable to Western eyes. The great exception is how Eastern Christianity portrays the "Resurrection".
There is no Christian 'problem' in Syria, thanks to the wisdom of some Syrians and the secularism of the state, but there is a Christian fear of what the future might hold for the Christian community at large.