eastern conference finals

Regardless, the pressure will be inescapable for James on Monday night in Miami. Will it weigh the four-time NBA MVP down
Even at his zenith -- think 2008-09 when he averaged 30-plus -- Wade, a nine-time All-Star, has never been a knockdown shooter
Tonight the Oklahoma City Thunder could beat the Spurs for a fourth straight game. In the space of eight days, the Spurs could go from being the toast of sports, to just toast.
Their win on Sunday night put the pressure back on the Heat and, more importantly, back on LeBron James. Pressure bursts pipes and the Celtics have seen him crack before.
It was not supposed to be this close. Boston was not supposed to be this good; Miami, not this vulnerable. Four games through what has already been a grueling Eastern Conference finals, Miami and Boston are dead even at two games apiece.
I'm not trying to dump on some of my newscasting brethren, but there were a couple of doozies over the weekend.
Whether or not the Ranger/Devils series turns out to be a classic, I'm guessing the post game news conferences will be. Rangers coach John Tortorella has been putting on a show.
James scored 28 points, Wade added 21, and they led a furious rally in the final minutes as the Miami Heat eliminated Derrick
The fourth quarter was pure theater, both teams clearly knowing - clearly relishing - the stakes. Referee Bennett Salvatore