Eastern Illinois University

Ariyana Davis said it was important for her to go to a school "that feels like home."
Madigan has been in control of the House for most of the past 30 years. He and Cullerton have been passing unbalanced budgets
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While football might not be as big in Illinois as it is in the South, particularly the Southeastern Conference -- where University of Alabama Head Coach, Nick Saban, made $5.4 million last year -- coaches at Illinois' public universities are still earning six-figure salaries.
You graduate college and enter the real world, and then reality hits. You need to pay rent, pay for utilities and, most likely, start paying back your loans.
For the better part of a decade, Illinois' public universities have been battling ever-shrinking state funding. That's driven tuition costs up.
Students at the Eastern Illinois University are taking a stand and writing a petition since an incident that occurred last month has left many feeling that the university does not care enough about rape survivors on campus.
Not every college student heads south on spring break to get hammered on a beach. Nowadays, students do all kinds of different
The next time you have a craving for nuts it may be worth taking a scoop of pistachios in their shells. It's nice when a snack food can help you to naturally and easily eat more mindfully.
Stephen A. Douglas, the "Little Giant" who served in the U.S. Senate and debated Abraham Lincoln, is still much-honored in
Illinois got snubbed for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. But Brittany Kraft may have just brought the glory back to