Eastern Mediterranean

Air traffic control agency Eurocontrol issued the warning in the eastern Mediterranean for the next 72 hours.
These crispy, chewy bars are a mishmash of nuts, cereal, coconut, and dried blueberries bound with a sweet almond butter
Burst cherry tomatoes, capers, and a flash under the broiler transform an ordinary block of feta into a surprisingly addictive
This vibrant soup is made with slow-roasted red bell peppers and sweet summer tomatoes but the real magic is the seasoning
A popular vegetarian dish eaten throughout the Middle East and one of my all-time favorite street foods, falafel are deep
Many are willing to endure unthinkable horror to escape strife in their homeland.
The sheer number of rafts overwhelmed our flotilla. Tragedies mounted.
Developments in Turkey have further destabilized the Eastern Mediterranean. With Greece representing the real frontier of the democratic West, now is the time to provide some much needed debt relief and make Greece a true "success story."
For the past few years, Turkey has been exploiting the worst crisis in Greece's modern history by increasing its aggression in the Aegean Sea.
The region's new-found energy wealth may ultimately contribute to the lessening of Europe's energy dependence to Russia. At the same time, the possibility of friction and conflict over these resources among regional actors cannot be discounted.
The development of Gaza Marine would undoubtedly be a positive step. However, the exploration of Palestinian gas reserves must not be permitted solely in return for Israel securing gas purchase agreements with neighboring countries. Such hijacking of the Palestinian gas reserves merely reinforces Israel's control of Palestinian resources.
These interesting times, it seems obvious, exert enormous pressure for most of the countries in the east Mediterranean and the Middle East to make historic, almost existential, choices.
Bravely, the Greeks forge on. Its leaders may, indeed, as the Foreign Minister said, be exploring and defining areas of potential foreign investment and fast-tracking new rules to eliminate much of the red tape surrounding these endeavors.
He always told me, "Never forget Israel." He, being Adam Montefiore, and his passion for his adopted country, and the wines they produce, left a lasting impression on me.
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