Eastern Orthodox Church

One of the African nation's religious leaders urged authorities to enact strong laws against same-sex relations.
Researchers are working with religious teachers to better understand the healing potential of hallucinogens.
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Bishop Thomas, Here's my big coming out moment: I'm not an Orthodox Christian anymore. Maybe that automatically disqualifies
Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with his counterparts from the Eastern Orthodox Church in an attempt to resolve inter-church conflicts.
J. Baczynsky, who arrived in New York as a kid from a region that has straddled both sides of the Polish/Ukraine border, opened his Meat Market in 1970. He wanted to recreate the meats of his childhood as well as serve the growing Eastern European neighborhood.
Together, Andrew and I dared to break the canons of a church that would declare our love false and our marriage impossible. We dared to receive the Divine's blessing for our family with tangible Greek traditions that date back over 50 generations. We dared to have the wedding of our dreams.
LaPierre does have a point. We do need to address the way our culture glorifies violence. But the priority must be to stop the bleeding.
How interesting and fitting that the natural world might be the ground that brings science and religion back to a shared sense of purpose after a few hundred years of estrangement.
Capital punishment is incompatible with the Christian faith for a number of biblical and theological reasons.
There is no indication however, that this imagery may justify the use of violence or coercion in the name of the Gospel. We are called, as Paul writes to Timothy, to fight the good fight of faith.
He's been a pilot, a singer, a hockey star and even a shirtless beefcake. But now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has
The point is this: the iconostasis represents the tomb itself, the sepulcher in which Christ was buried. The "Great Entrance" is itself a remembrance of Christ's funeral procession.
Though Christmas may be fading into memory for much of the western world (save for those lingering credit card bills), many
Alexei Krindatch, research consultant for the Standing Conferences of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas, said
Every time we decide unilaterally to "change up" a received tradition, we are likely to risk missing out on how that very tradition might have helped us along the way.
A strong desire, for example, to serve the poor, to seek justice, to love the seemingly unlovable would not be described