Netflix's LGBTQ-inclusive indie dramedy has wrapped its four-season run, but its moving, buzzed-about take on modern love seems poised to live on.
I'm still a radical, political queer and Kristyne is still a conservative, Catholic girl, and I am so happy that we were able to work together, despite our differences, to produce EastSiders.
This week I talked with actor/producers Kit Williamson and John Halbach about the second season of their Web series EastSiders, which experienced a whirlwind year that included making its cable broadcast debut as a feature film on Logo TV.
The past few years have been a remarkable time to be gay in America, and there have been an exciting number of new television
"I'm so excited to take the show back where it started: in the fans' hands, on Kickstarter," EastSiders creator Kit Williamson
What's truly great about Wallflowers is that it balances gay and straight storylines effortlessly, in the process portraying what our actual lives are like.
I talked with actor/producer Kit Williamson about his TV series EastSiders, now airing online on LogoTV.com. EastSiders is a dark comedy that explores the aftermath of a gay couple's infidelity in Silver Lake, Calif. I also talked with Kit about his spin on LGBT issues.
Today, June 4, the season finale of the popular gay web series, "Eastsiders," airs on Logo and makes it online debut at Logo's