The traveler, upset by EasyJet's half-day delay, was hit in the face by a smirking worker, a witness said.
The easy brand is trying to apply commercial principles to food distribution along the lines of the charitable program Food
Three British Muslim siblings were left traumatised after being escorted off a plane in London and interrogated on the tarmac
As the Eurozone gropes for a solution to the massive Greek debt crisis, many people are struggling to withdraw their own
We know travelers are glued to their phones, and we know there are tons of travel apps out there, but we've never seen an
Skyscanner surveyed 4,000 UK travelers to find out which airlines they believe offer the best value. The results might surprise
A luggage fee that exceeds your airfare? Welcome to the wacky world of a la carte fees -- a world filled with consumer "benefits" that airline apologists believe you'll love.
It costs how much to fly from London to Berlin? I just searched for the flight for mid-October and found incredibly (some would say "suspiciously") cheap offers. What's the catch?
This week, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released the figures of the top one hundred airlines ranked
Backed by EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the no-frills airline will first fly between Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Angola
This isn't the first time EasyJet has faced criticism of this kind. In 2009, their in-flight magazine, easyJet Traveller
After an EasyJet plane was overloaded with fuel, dozens of passengers were ordered off the plane and threatened with arrest
La Boqueria Market is famously known throughout Spain and is perhaps the best indoor market in all of Europe. Through thick and thin, it has been going strong since opening in 1836.
The photos were discovered by the New Statesmen, a British magazine, on Friday. After the magazine brought them to the airline's
EasyJet, the British purveyor of low-cost, short-haul air travel, has inspired passionate criticism over its environmental
LONDON - A BRITISH budget airline wants to organise weddings in the sky, aiming to be the first carrier to let couples tie