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Remarks about a person's appearance and health can be extremely damaging — and flat out wrong.
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Often times, I found myself frustrated and down about not reaching my goals. I thought I was covering everything I needed
People who wake up earlier are more likely to eat healthier than those who sleep in. This is probably because night owls
Your eating habits and lack of attention to your actions aren't easy to change. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're not
If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people ask me for recipes. In fact, the most recent question was regarding one skillet
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One of my favorite of these habits is substituting French fries for raw green beans. The beans offer the same satisfying
Are you a fast eater, a slow eater or an "isolationist"?
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The only time Americans aren’t snacking is when they sleep.
Numerous women have already done better takedowns of "food for women" than I could have (see here, here, and here). But could they run this stuff -- and nothing but this stuff -- through a man's digestive system for two straight weeks? Of course not. That's where I came in.
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Forty years ago, American diets were stocked with whole milk, canned cabbage and frozen plums. Now, Americans have more fresh
Most health and diet advice tends to focus on the types of food you're putting in your body, but Brad Lamm believes why you
Order whatever it is you actually want. "If you tell people to be mindful of what they order, they don't like it as much
You crave extra carbs and fatty foods. Just because you overeat when you're sleep-deprived doesn't mean you're providing