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One of the first things that often suffers is the quality of food we eat.
One of the quickest ways you can upgrade your child's lunch is by making "lateral shifts." That means swapping out traditional, less nutritious lunchbox items for healthy goodies that taste better and give your kids an advantage with their focus and energy. My favorite lunchbox lateral shifts include:
Five months ago, Faith and Nick came on the Dr. Phil show because Faith wanted to lose weight and feared her husband would
Judi and Shari Zucker not only discuss how to transform your life with diet and lifestyle changes, they show you how to transform
Who says pizza can't be healthy? By making a simple swap to the crust, you can take a guilty pleasure and turn it into a nutritious meal. Watch and learn how to make this Oz-approved pizza.
As a 20-year cancer survivor, I thought that I had heard of everything possible to promote good health. Then again, I also believe that the more you know, the more there is to learn. And moringa is proof of that.
Waking up early helps to build momentum and accomplish goals throughout the day. Here are 7 things you can do before 9 AM to ensure a healthy and productive day.
Eat well without sucking the fun out of the room.
Aramark and the American Heart Association recently launched a five-year initiative for the company's meals to have more
The simplest conclusion that I've come to on this journey to be a healthy eater or rather, a healthy individual for whom food is both nourishment and satisfaction, but not an over-indulgence, is this: Our relationship with food says a ton about our relationship with ourselves.
Now it's your turn! Take a look at your own food and a typical week of eating. If you look at it, see that it's mind-numbingly
I felt betrayed. I pay for health insurance and am an informed patient doing my best. Yet my request for a medicine that
Do you struggle with what to eat at these events? Do you find it hard to make healthy choices? I'm here to help! Here are 10 things you can do to help ensure that your next social engagement does not leave you with a huge hangover or a food coma.
Regardless of anything else she's eating on vacation, Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, makes sure her diet is full of fruits and
If you've been a vegan long enough, chances are that you've found that the social implications of veganism can be just as complicated and frustrating as figuring out what you can eat on a day-to-day basis. As popular as veganism has become, there still lies an inherent mystique about it.
If you're souring on winter, here's something to sweeten your mood: Carrots taste better in January. One large carrot only
Overeating commonly occurs when your mind is not aware that your body is being fueled. Allowing your mind and body to connect results in healthier portion control and a satisfied appetite.
A. Olive oil B. Butter 4. What's the best approach to the buffet? While conducting research for his book, Slim by Design