By selecting the right things to put in your cart and the right ones to put back on the shelf, you can painlessly slash big bucks from your grocery bills. Here's my simple guide to what to buy and what to skip to save money at the grocery store.
Eating my first non-food stamp meal yesterday at a New York Indian restauran where the meal itself cost close to $25.00, showed me in high relief what the challenge could not allow.
The next two days will be dreadful. I will be tired and bored and hungry, yearning way too much. I could break my oath and grab something, but I will not. I made a promise. I will keep it.
Eating on a food stamp budget can feel like a form of imprisonment -- being deprived of the basic freedom of choosing the food one could want means that the normal choices afforded Americans of simply buying on a whim are no longer possible.
In these tough economic times, when the going gets tough, the tough go sampling.