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Prepare your own meals. Working out is important to get healthy, but eating properly can help you achieve results faster
We generally don't make time for food, but rather squeeze it in when hunger strikes, and then usually just grab what we can. Right along with slowing down, savoring food is key to eating right, and no doubt critical to savoring the flavor of food.
So the next time you consider buying juice, think about what is it in your juice and it's real nutrient value. You are probably better off making your own juice at home the traditional way, like using a strainer rather than a juicing machine.
Whether a runner or not, we are all living active lifestyles these days and need proper nutrients to fuel our bodies right. Superfoods are a great way to get enough of those nutrients. With all the products promoting superfood claims these days, it can be hard to find the best ones.
Good food, as much as anything, is a determining factor in who we are going to be tomorrow and years down the road. Many experts say certain foods can help to slow down the aging process and fights disease. Plus, when you eat well, you look and feel better.
Caroline is joined by a panel to discuss why the United States will never be able to look forward to a 6-hour workday.
Caroline discusses the role burnout played in the Tracy Morgan car crash this past weekend.
I'm empathic to those caught in the burnout vortex. I've been in it, and still struggle to not get sucked backed in. I come from good German stock with a work ethic of steel. Even my non-German mother's warning was not enough to sway me 20 years ago.
Most of us love the welcoming coolness that comes with this time, especially after a long summer. In addition to the temperature
Today, science has shown that it isn't the amount of fat you eat that matters, but the type of fat. Overconsumption of saturated and trans fats may lead to heart disease, but if used to replace these unhealthy fats, mono- and polyunsaturated fats can lower the risk of heart disease.
Even though the word "holiday" is supposed to evoke images of carefree fun and frolic, we all know the truth: The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year.
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While I'm all for protein at as many meals as possible -- I get hungry after about an hour if there isn't any -- a good ol' fashioned steak-and-potatoes is far from the only way to get protein on your plate.
The messages sent out in the media to women through television shows and advertising, what they present as good and bad for us, shapes not just our buying habits and self-image but also how we see each other.
The biggest question that I get is: how do you stay fit and still have a life? Well, it is easier then you think. It just takes a twist in your perspective.
Through the course of grad school, I gave up: cooking, eating well, sleeping well, eating, sleeping, going to movies, reading books, nutrition, malnutrition and exercising. It left me pretty beat-up.