ebola virus disease

The hand sanitizer company said it has begun updating information on its website in order to avoid legal action.
Comfort Kollie remembers the day she was discharged from International Medical Corps' Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) like it was yesterday. "It was a Friday," she says. "Someone came in [to the ETU and asked,] "Where is Comfort? You are Ebola-free today.'"
During the height of the Ebola panic, nurse Kacie Hickox, who cared for Ebola victims in Sierra Leone, was forcibly quarantined in New Jersey on her return to the United States. Said a friend and former classmate, "She's really concerned about her colleagues coming back to the U.S. after her."
"What makes Ebola virus different is that it attacks a body's immune system on multiple fronts," explained Amarasinghe to