ecce homo

Many are comparing San Jorge, or St. George, to the poorly revamped "Ecce Homo" fresco of Jesus.
The restoration of a 16th-century figure of Saint George went horribly wrong.
The art world mistake-turned-miracle that just keeps on giving. #BeastJesus
The so-called "restored" painting became known as "Beast Jesus" and spawned an Interest craze and this Halloween costume
Someone now owns this masterpiece for $35, but here's how the artists pitched it: Know your meme... This 6" x 6" original
An elderly woman has turned a XIX century fresco masterpiece into a complete disaster by restoring it freestyle, without any knowledge or asking for permission to anyone.
Over the years, specialty acts have ranged from classically trained musical comedians like Victor Borge and Anna Russell to escape artists like Harry Houdini and Doug Henning.
As Christians, we have been desensitized to the horrors of the cross. Instead of understanding the cross as a state-sponsored