We need more than ever a “culture of coexistence” as we move on in the Anthropocene.
People feel happier, healthier, and more social when they engage with nature. Their cognitive abilities go up and stress levels go down. So why is nature so often thought to be found only "out there" in the wilderness, or perhaps suburbia?
Interesting take, Mr. Thoreau. Mind if I call you Henry? You can tweet that to your followers as soon as we boot things up
Eras in which population growth furthered the public good are behind us.
If we want our planet to be able to house 10 billion people and also want to preserve biodiversity in the future, then we need to leverage the new technologies associated with "big data" and artificial intelligence.
Herod was full of bluster and deeply afraid. In his power and riches, he feared that this newborn demand for justice, peace
Under the Swiss system, proposals for constitutional amendments signed by 100,000 citizens are subject to a national vote
What I see is that- intentionally or not- we all are individual triggers, with our reflections, blog posts, pledges, campaigns
So how do I combat the blight of plastic bags in my own life? I take canvas bags into the grocery and retail stores. They
I park at meters in certain cities for free. I invite more towns to offer this. I recently got an electric car. There are
Bernie Sanders permanently changed the political lanscape, and we're revolting against the plutocracy. Neither the abstract
She was also fearful of the World Bank and other international development agencies, along with national and metropolitan
While violence of all kinds takes a toll, in war, we don't just kill other human beings. We also destroy the forests and fields and crops and water they rely on. We drop bombs, set fires, plant explosive devices, and cause oil spills, and the environmental devastation that follows remains.
Do you eat KIND Bars, those ubiquitous fruit and nut bars wrapped in distinctive striped packaging? There's a good chance you do since they are the fastest growing snack company in the US. Last week, I heard Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of KIND Snacks, speak here in Jerusalem about his vision as a corporate citizen, and I was encouraged by what he said.
A similar approach could help with the coming crisis in Medicare solvency. Medicare might survive if wasteful and unnecessary
This is a little too big to simply call "news." Indeed, I can't move beyond these words -- especially that heart-stopper
The situation with the Profanity Peak pack highlights much of what's wrong with how we manage conflicts between recovering
Most of us would cringe at the thought of ripping a dog's mouth open with a hook. Why don't we cringe when we think about doing this to a fish? Our society not only considers hooking and suffocating fish to be socially acceptable, we celebrate it.
The modern Holy Land now contains three large urban strips. One stretches from south of Bethlehem, through Jerusalem, and north to Ramallah. It spans 30 miles and includes about one million people.