We need more than ever a “culture of coexistence” as we move on in the Anthropocene.
People feel happier, healthier, and more social when they engage with nature. Their cognitive abilities go up and stress levels go down. So why is nature so often thought to be found only "out there" in the wilderness, or perhaps suburbia?
Nothing so pedestrian, my friend. As you'll discover, PodPad's best quality is that it distracts from that sort of drudgery
Eras in which population growth furthered the public good are behind us.
If we want our planet to be able to house 10 billion people and also want to preserve biodiversity in the future, then we need to leverage the new technologies associated with "big data" and artificial intelligence.
Recognizing the God of earth means nothing less than an end to the world's business as usual. There is great promise - prosperity
For one, both initiatives were highly ambitious and would have imposed considerable, albeit hard to quantify, costs on the
Second, whether large or small, business is the in-between factor between nature and consumers. As Tedd Saunders, Chief Sustainability
So how do I combat the blight of plastic bags in my own life? I take canvas bags into the grocery and retail stores. They