economic development

Tax incentives are never a good investment by cities and probably didn't affect the company's decision anyway.
A 184-year-old federal ban on Native American-owned distilleries is ending.
“I’m worried that none of this money is going to flow where it’s really needed."
Kim is preparing for a high-stakes summit with Trump in Singapore on June 12.
For several years now, gender experts within the development field have been rallying around an argument that no one can
The day after we celebrated these leaders, Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th President of the United States. Uncertainty
If you have not read JD Vance's "Hillbilly Elegy", you should, full stop. It's a riveting and powerful account of growing
But change is not new for the development industry. In fact, in the 70 years since the Bretton Woods Conference to regulate
“I feel empowered because the business plan I developed and implemented will allow my family to live a decent life,” says
Moreover, the ACS for American Indian and Alaska Native Alone Population did an income report of Native Americans in 2013
1. Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying American jobs in across all 50 states. And this number is growing quickly--wind
Civil society activists and organisations are concerned about the slow pace of bringing the culprits to justice. They continue
Hack the Hood participants don't just gain valuable experience working in tech, they also develop soft skills, like project
Converging with the question of value is one of choice: what is the best way for me to attain my education? # # # As you
In Kagame's view, national reconciliation ultimately rests with the population itself. As he told an audience at the Wharton
Mama Neema received trainings on land and property rights, which gave her the confidence to demand village authorities for
Sakina, Drocella, Christine, Francesa, and Jordana embody the attributes of entrepreneurs everywhere: capturing opportunities
It's been one year since world leaders gathered at the United Nations to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a critical set of commitments by global leaders to end poverty, safeguard our environment and achieve gender parity within the next 15 years.
We are not meant to be in service to the economy. The economy is meant to be in service to us. Yet today many of us feel powerless to an economic system that is collectively leading to results that no one wants. We have been taught scarcity and hyper-individualism, that it is "us versus them." Nowhere more so than in business.