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Gun violence at schools may be a response to the lack of economic opportunity.
I've been noticing that Democrats -- all the way up to and including Hillary Clinton herself -- seem to be awfully complacent about the possible outcomes of next year's presidential race. This could be dangerous, because nothing in politics is ever written in stone.
Jacques Attali is one of France’s leading intellectuals and an expert on issues ranging from classical economics to classical
Marla Wynne Ginsberg had never sewn a stitch when she bought her first sewing machine in 2009 and embarked on a risky career reinvention. She had just lost a very lucrative senior executive position with a major Entertainment company in a career that she had built step by step for over 20 years.
As America's new economy starts to look more like the old economy of the Great Depression, the divide between rich and poor, those who have made it and those who never will, seems to grow ever starker. I know. I've seen it firsthand.
While Jordan had the luxury to reconcile the options he thought were available to him with his interests through travel, independent
We all face challenges in life and Boomers are seriously being buffeted from all directions at once. It is possible to create more happiness in your life but it takes real work.
The study found a “clear rise” in the number of suicides globally in 2009, one year after the global financial crisis first
Work sharing has obvious benefits for the workers who would otherwise have been laid off: they aren't forced to look for work in a weak labor market; they maintain their skills; and they suffer relatively little lost income. They might even use their downtime to acquire new skills. Employers benefit, too.
“We remain optimistic about our future and remain committed to our mission of helping children reach their highest potential
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Reuters) - The share of privately owned U.S. homes in the first quarter dipped to its lowest since
Reports that the economy shrunk in the last three months of 2012 -- largely due to so-called austerity measures -- is not only bad news for the country: It could be terrible news for the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who depend on the social safety net just to make ends meet.
The solution starts with acknowledging domestic manufacturing needs to be the backbone of any sustainable recovery. Experts will say the U.S. doesn't "do" manufacturing anymore. Our economy is all about service, finance, software, and entertainment.
Problems can be opportunities -- if you look for them that is. For small business owners, there's been plenty of soul searching as a result of the great recession.
To move forward, America's security and prosperity depend on our children's ability to drive the economy of the future. Leaders must craft budget solutions that will protect the already porous safety nets on which so many children and families rely.
The survey also found that workers value making more money over some R&R; more than half of employees said they would choose
I recently returned from a 9-day trip to Asia and again visited the Hong Kong JW Marriott hotel. Each time, I'm impressed
Between 2007 and 2009, Iceland's residents reduced their smoking, heavy drinking, indoor tanning and consumption of unhealthy