economic inequality

The Census report found that 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, lacked health insurance coverage in 2018.
Black Women's Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the impact of race and gender on income inequality.
"There is clearly a stark income inequality in this country," the Fox News host told the White House chief economic adviser.
We "enjoy uncommon fortunes, but each of us wants to live in an America that solves the biggest challenges of our common future," notes the plea.
"No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change,” the former vice president said at a New York fundraiser on Tuesday.
"They constantly hate, but have 0 real solutions for income inequality, healthcare, climate crisis, racial injustice, etc," tweeted the Democratic lawmaker.
The wealth gap starts at birth. Cory Booker has a plan to fix it.
New research highlights the high stakes of economic inequality, and its particular impact on women.
Stephen Moore also once noted that income inequality is a problem — and the solution is more billionaires.
Disney, a filmmaker and activist, has been outspoken about income inequality, and has said she donated the majority of her inheritance.
Most Americans are on board with the belief that the government should work to reduce the wealth gap,
The president has stripped the veneer of respectability off the super-rich.
The story is pretty kooky, but critics pointed out how it highlights the significant income disparity in the Bay Area.
The myth of America's political divide needs to die.
No, people who are houseless don’t all live on the street, and the vast majority are not addicts or mentally ill, either.
It's not just billionaires who are benefitting from runaway inequality.
The school lunch is symbolic of America's socioeconomic and food disparities.
Johnny Miller uses drones to capture images of places touched by wealth and opportunity that lie shockingly close to underserved communities.
By Jeffrey Brown, CEO, Ally Financial Every child knows the Golden Rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated.” From
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