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Knowing that the dominant industries of California are technology and innovation, we need to use the Tijuana Connection to
The huge voter turnout in the primaries for Trump and Sanders was a scream for change by millions of Americans. Many of us did not hear it until we saw the results last week. Americans are anxious about race, women in the workforce, and income.
In New York, segregation can be more difficult to spot since most travel occurs underground, but in Cabarete it’s glaring since the highway splits the town in two.
Just three days after the summit the U.S. Census Bureau shared its latest report on income and poverty. The report showed
At the end of this month, Walt Disney Productions will release Queen of Katwe, a film that highlights the story of a young
Regardless of who wins in November, Congress and the next administration must act boldly to help the 11 million housing insecure households who pay more than half of their incomes on rent. They often face difficult choices between paying rent and buying groceries or seeing a doctor. In the worst cases, they become homeless.
While the recent rise in poverty may be attributed to poor economic growth policies during the Obama Administration, the sustained high rates of poverty over the past 50 years are striking evidence that it is time for new approaches to support economic success.
On April 27, 2015, hours after the family of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray had laid their son to rest in a public funeral
Early conversations with business owners in several Southern states have expanded our understanding of the problem and the
It is also well known that inequality in the US is greater than in European countries. The question then is why are conservative Americans in general, and Republicans in particular averse to the issue of redistribution programs despite such inequalities in the U.S.?
Many of us, I regret, did not focus early enough on targeted efforts to expand economic opportunities for young women. That's
Let's put our full weight behind all efforts to make jobs available, and make sure it pays to work, so that economic and social mobility is a reality for everyone. That's our dream for 2016, and it is past time for all of us to take it from dream to reality.
Cities across the U.S. have a clear role to play in ensuring their immigrant communities have support during the naturalization process by creating programs that break down barriers.
Providing one-on-one financial coaching, as opposed to a quick class or workshop that is easily forgotten, is a particularly
I cannot stand by when a company like Herbalife has the audacity to publicly proclaim they provide opportunities for Latinas -- neglecting to mention that it is under investigation by the SEC, the FTC and multiple state Attorneys General for intentionally targeting and scamming Hispanic customers.
Once I began college, though, I realized that being a lower income student imposes certain hardships that don't affect many wealthier students. Luxuries like frequent trips to the city, regularly patronizing relatively expensive local restaurants, and many other miscellaneous expenses add up quickly.
The 2nd annual NYC Neighborhood Library Awards recognized the crucial role that New York City's branch libraries play in serving the city's diverse communities.