economic policy

Why Florida voted for Donald Trump and raising the minimum wage.
Capital gains tax cuts are just what the economy needs, according to Kudlow.
The third part of his proposal shows a growing recognition that looking after children, the elderly and the sick is a critical part of the U.S. economy.
Some people want to kill the bill, while others just want tougher conditions on aid.
The U.S. treasury secretary said there will "clearly" be an economic slowdown but that things will pick up later in the year.
"Sugar highs are temporary," warned the former labor secretary.
Over the past few decades, effective tax rates on U.S. corporations and the richest 1 percent have fallen by about a third
It is late 2016. All indicators point to a world economy that will remain weak next year and in the longer term, in advanced and developing countries alike. Governments are feeling the pressure from voters to deliver faster economic growth--and plenty of jobs.
At the third presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace constructed an entire question about economic policy around a total falsehood.
In my view, that would be a mistake. The fate of the United States and the fate of the world are really in our hands. If you are an independent, please do not sit out this election. It is much too important.