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Nearly two-thirds still say they're not making enough money to live comfortably.
A new survey finds rising numbers who say the deck is stacked and our best days are over.
We're a little less worried about terrorism and a little more upset about the economy.
In a new GW Battleground poll, 73 percent of voters say that they're at least somewhat worried that their family will suffer
Views of the nation's economy, long underwater, have generally shown signs of recovering in 2015. A CNBC poll released Tuesday
Yet the 59 percent of Americans who say the recession had a major effect on their personal finances remain divided on how
The quandary, however, is perhaps especially pronounced for Democrats. The least financially stable Americans, who are most
The HuffPost/YouGov polling was conducted Dec. 16-18 and Dec. 18-19 among 1,000 U.S. adults using a sample selected from
Gallup's tracking polls continue to find that Americans are more likely to say the economy is "poor" than they are to say
But there's a partisan divide over each party's priorities. Asked which two topics GOP candidates had discussed the most
Americans were more evenly divided on the issue just two months ago. In December, 47 percent of Americans agreed with the
The president also had similar leads over the GOP on health care and immigration, and a slimmer edge on the deficit and gun
Americans are bracing for an economically difficult year, and are split on exactly how grim the country's future is, a USA
The Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll surveyed 1,000 adults by phone between Nov. 25 and Dec. 1, with a 3.1
The trend line of the HuffPost Pollster chart above summarizes the data from all national media polls. A close up look at
The results show that backward-looking campaign messages about who is to blame for the recession or whether the recovery