Averting catastrophic warming requires rapid, global changes to land use and food production, the assessment says.
Fire is a natural part of ecosystems throughout the West, but what’s happening now is far from natural.
Full Segment: Within 15 years, scientists may be able to revive recently extinct creatures, like the dodo or wooly mammoth. Should they? What are the ethics, the consequences, and the promise, of resurrecting dead species?
There were a variety of announcements throughout the keynote, by Zuckerberg and other Oculus executives, but the takeaway was simple: Oculus intends to build the Metaverse.
Take the time to add your voice to those who realize the value in promoting ocean health and coordinating multiple human uses of our busy ocean.
More than 90% of all marine species are dependent on coral reefs.
The sun could not shine if the clouds didn't first step back and allow its rays through. Cooperation is the key to surviving.