According to the 2016 Living Planet Report which WWF published last week, freshwater species may be following the fate of
Pascal Mittermaier: Can you tell me about the origins of Philadelphia's green infrastructure program to manage urban water
South Korea has a unique and more recent history and, within approximately sixty years time, has experienced the "Miracle
This world is an awesome place but it needs fresh eyes to defend it.
At night, they toss and turn not because of potential threats from their competitors, but from worrying about those two proactive
Different angles of a topic Keywords: academia, sustainability, management, meaning, purpose, trust, stakeholders, impact
Apilo Judith and Osana Lorna, Women Empowering Women, Gulu, Uganda. Women are trained in various life skills that afford
Melbourne, Australia, has pledged to double its tree canopy by 2040. "They are re-imagining the idea of the city in a forest
Over the next 50 years, landscape architects must coordinate their actions globally to fight climate change, help communities adapt to a changing world, bring artful and sustainable parks and open spaces to every community rich or poor, preserve cultural landscape heritage, and sustain all forms of life on Earth.
Famine in Sub-Saharan Africa does not make for pleasant news, but fortunately it does not affect us directly. Neither does the news of rising deaths of the penguins in the Antartica.
Native black currants in cultivation in Burgundy, France In our agricultural areas, we should convert some of the non-native
Kansas City has been on a roll the last few years in the entrepreneur, technology and development space.
Answer by Jesse Gray, PhD student in community ecology and population genetics, on Quora. Is evolutionary biology essential
Marketers have more data at their fingertips than ever before, but making sense out of that data can be a challenge, to say the least. And how do you make it personal?
A technical fix can be the best approach to confronting a challenge. But whenever possible, it should be used in partnership with rather than in place of natural systems.
On this World Wildlife Day, let's remember it is not all about us. From the birds in your backyard, to the mother elephant and her family that stopped me on the road, I can tell you that if wild animals could speak for themselves, they would remind you that their fate is in your hands.
"All the more reason to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees."
Commercial fishermen face vast uncertainty about changing ocean ecosystems, complex management systems, and the staggering costs to enter America's fisheries. These factors have contributed to a new challenge: declining numbers of young fishermen entering the fishing industry.