IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Another day, another oil explosion, this time at an Exxon refinery in CA; 'Anti-petroleum' activists
The U.S. Attorneys who negotiated Mr. McDavid's release are not responsible for his entrapment or unfair prosecution. They inherited the case after the fact and acted honorably by helping to correct a grievous injustice. But they need to stop vouching for their predecessors and start conducting an inquiry.
James Rollins is more than a thriller author. He's a veterinarian, a man of science, and writes best-selling novels evocative of Michael Crichton and Isaac Asimov, but with a uniquely imaginative flavor of their own.
Night Moves definitely works as a tense, lo-fi psychological thriller. But the environmental dimension is what gives Night Moves its interesting moral dimension, as well as informing the unique world where the film takes place.
Undercover reporting at animal farms has exposed violent, though often legal, practices. Industry groups have pushed back with "ag gag" laws criminalizing the videos. Privacy rights, whistleblower protections, and public health are all at stake.
Animal rights activist Taylor Radig joins HuffPost Live to tell her story.
Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Acts of eco-terrorism aren't unique to genetically modified papayas. Activists have taken
Feeling the pressure from protest against the Keystone XL, Obama pulled a fast one: "wait and see" for XL's northern half -- which many claimed as a victory -- and expedited approval of everything else via executive order.
He undertook his first major animal liberation action in 1986 at the University of Oregon, where, according to Paul, researchers
Another stunt, shown in the film, involved plotting an arrest. "The media people wanted violence and weren't getting any