As the pandemic brought global travel to a halt, local communities and conservation efforts were left in the lurch.
This leads to what economists call “leakage.” When a country must import everything from generators and solar panels to certain
Layers of green canopy hide a rich, natural system rarely paralleled on the planet. My eyes focus, but my mind is having
As of this writing, Taiji, Japan remains ground zero for the capture and distribution of wild dolphins to amusement parks, dolphinariums, and swim-with-dolphin programs worldwide, fetching as much as $200,000 for a trained dolphin.
  Flights over 1000 miles long are responsible for over 80 percent of the greenhouse gas impacts of air travel. While environmentally
The RiSE Festival puts on lantern release events every year in the Mojave Desert, Nevada. Every participant receives a paper
Us travelers need to remember that there's no guarantee that these breathtaking, life-altering and enriching cultural and environmental spaces will be there for our grandchildren and generations to come.
Humanity can predict what happens to this planet, but in order to do so, we have to work together. In honor of Earth Day 2016, I hope everyone can be affected by some of this information presented above in the same way that I am and do what you can to help in the most effective way possible.
One of our clients just asked why we won't book them on a 'walking with lions' experience. We pride ourselves on offering amazing experiences and this would surely be one of them! But we simply cannot encourage this practice.
Hannan remarked on this dichotomy, "As a developer, we feel a responsibility to give back to the community and better these