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Well, I was named after St. Cormac, also called the son of Cullinan (which is also my last name), who was the king of Munster
Before marrying in 2004, the couple crossed paths when Burns fetched Turlington a cup of coffee.
The "Public Morals" creator discusses how disconnecting helped his work.
High profile authors like Nelson DeMille, Dick Cavett and Dr. Ruth Westheimer had stacks of books to sell under the Authors Night tent. Not surprising, the longest line was for author Ed Burns, yes that Ed Burns.
I didn't know much about TV/Film production; I just knew that I wanted to make films and I didn't have the money to do it.
Some celebrities have the luxury of hopping on their private jets to get from place to place. Others opt to sit in first
Long before Connie Britton was perfecting her "y'alls" as Tami Taylor on "Friday Night Lights" she played Ed Burns' put-upon
For more on "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas," watch Burns discuss the film by clicking here. You're also planning to include
In this exclusive clip from "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas," writer-director-star Edward Burns talks with Mike McGlone about what to do with their onscreen father for Christmas.
Alex Cross, which opens this week, represents an early breakthrough in Kerry Williamson's bustling career. I asked Williamson about the process of adapting and relaunching James Patterson's massive series for the big screen.
"The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" is a homecoming of sorts Edward Burns: The new film reunites the writer/director/star with
PHOTOS: Celebs At Tribeca To fix that issue, Burns changed some things around in the story to make "Doggy Bags" more sympathetic
Real estate musings aside, check out the fun party pics below: The cast of the upcoming comedy "Friends with Kids," which
"I love making movies and of course, you want to reach as wide an audience as you can, but I would never not do it. I've had plenty of movies that bombed, but I still loved those experiences."