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Maybe they broke bread to discuss a revival — or maybe it was just because they're "family."
The shows and movies where you can find your favorite cast members.
It is always good to see Diane Keaton in a film and executive producing at that, but Love the Coopers simply misses. A yearning for saccharin sweetness permeates.
"It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss," Helms said. "I would add that sometimes a rolling stone also gathers
"The Daily Show" continues its summer break this week, but they left a few crumbs to help get us over the hump. Check out
But that advice only came after he made it clear the students knew Helms and Andy Bernard were different people. "Or did
So, you've been asked to give a commencement address. Congratulations! That's quite an honor. But whatever you do, don't let it go to your head.
During the series finale of "The Office," Andy Bernard delivered the commencement address at Cornell University. (Heard of
Ed Helms has signed on to star in Paramount's reboot of "The Naked Gun" franchise, Variety reports. The former "Office" star
Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant ("Night at the Museum," "Reno 911!") will write the script, which centers on Drebin. The
Comedy is subjective, so there are bound to be haters for We're the Millers. But, speaking as someone who enjoys vulgar humor that is both mean and smart, I can tell you that I laughed a lot during this brisk, consistently funny movie.
Sam Jones, who directed the Wilco documentary "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart," is the man responsible for Mumford & Sons
The actor's theme throughout his speech was how to use fear to one's benefit, and he took a moment early on to provide some
Hangover 3 is predictable and not too funny except for scenes between Melissa McCarthy and Zach Galifianakis.
With great respect for the trilogy's swan song, I decided a top ten list was in order. So here it is: The Top Ten Reasons to go see The Hangover III.