Ed Henry

CNN's Alisyn Camerota said she would like to amend a previous statement about her former employer in light of the network's latest sexual misconduct scandal.
Two women also accuse Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of sexual misconduct and take aim at Fox News for its alleged failure to stop them.
The network has had a long history of an alleged culture of sexual misconduct, paying out millions of dollars in settlements.
Anchor Ed Henry asked the Democratic 2020 candidate how he can still call Trump a racist following his Super Bowl ad. Buttigieg had a withering answer.
Anchor Ed Henry invited the newly-elected New York representative to come on Fox to speak.
Watch a “Fox & Friends” host get an embarrassing fact-check live on live TV.
Pete Hegseth's claims about the economy were corrected in real-time on "Fox and Friends."
Comedian Michelle Wolf is "mean, hateful and vile," Ed Henry said.
The report adds to a growing mountain of ethical issues dogging Pruitt’s tenure.
Scott Pruitt probably thought he’d get an easy ride in a Fox News interview. But Trump’s embattled EPA Chief was pummeled on the conservative network as his scandals mount.