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The climate activists have backed winners in Democratic primaries. Now they want to use those organizing skills against Republicans.
How youth climate activists set up a 40-year Washington veteran's victory over the powerful Kennedy dynasty.
After more than 30 election wins, the Kennedy victory streak is over in Massachusetts. Rep. Joe Kennedy III lost in the Democratic Senate primary race against incumbent Sen. Ed Markey.
The incumbent defeated Rep. Joe Kennedy III, the first loss in the state for one of the Democratic Party’s most storied dynasties.
In the solidly blue Bay State, this year's Democratic primaries are the main event.
Ed Markey suddenly has an edge over Joe Kennedy III in a race that is all about what a senator should be.
Vermin Supreme is a former presidential candidate who promised every American a free pony.
The Massachusetts Democrats requested communications between the agency and the White House to see whether the authorization was politically motivated.
Massachusetts Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey called the agency's actions "extremely troubling."
"It's not a goddamn joke," the Democrat tweeted after the Republican said maybe everyone should get $1 million, three soy lattes "and a foot massage."