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I love the flash back scenes were we learn about Dory and her back story. These scenes are my favorite because we see who
Moderator Leigh Blickley: We learn that "Hank" has been in every Pixar movie ever made. When first approached to voice a
He wasn't the only one goofing off on the red carpet. Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado) posted a photo of himself leaping into
The "Modern Family" cast got into a feud. A "Family Feud"! The adult members of the Pritchett family and their significant
Nelson told Access Hollywood it was about the money. "I'm old enough to say it, I guess. That was it," Nelson said of the
Benjamin Bratt is set to return to "Modern Family" this season, reprising his role as Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) father -- the
Faustino is scheduled to film his appearance on Wednesday, with an airdate for the episode yet to be determined. David Faustino
To help our families now and in the future, we must stop treating our atmosphere like a sewer. We can all take individual action and become a nation of citizen entrepreneurs taking responsibility for a corner of our world.
The cast has remained mum on Twitter regarding the ongoing negotiations, but "Modern Family" co-creator Steve Levitan tweeted
The airline that brought, nay, gifted, us with Richard Simmons' hilarious dancing demo and Snoop Dogg rapping with the airline's
The annual awards ceremony, hosted this year by Jenna Elfman, honors women in the industry for their excellence in creativity
But the network wasn't afraid to poke fun at itself and some of its more notable misfires over the years like "My Big Fat
Actor Ed O’Neill is 66! For more on the actor, be sure to check out the slideshow below. Happy birthday, Ed O’Neill! The