Ed Schultz

The longtime host most recently worked for RT America.
Grayson worries about a situation where a candidate could still be the party's nominee even if they received 59 percent of the popular vote due to the superdelegate situation.
Schultz called out the senator on his program Thursday evening, claiming that "there is evidence Rand Paul has a real problem
After making the announcement, Schultz also tweeted: He said he didn't want to do his three-hour show anymore, adding that
Rachel, Chris, Ed, Al, Lawrence, Chris....say it ain't so. Nary a mention of the gigundo merger between Comcast and Time Warner. You are, all of you, about speaking truth to power.
Read the letter below: The Democratic National Committee has complained to MSNBC after the network said it would allow host
In 2010, MSNBC suspended Scarborough and then-host Keith Olbermann for donating to political candidates. In February, host
Listen to the audio clip to hear it all! Afterwards, Schultz wondered whether his F-bomb slip had been caught. Ed Schultz
Ed Schultz blows up at a caller on his radio show.
Schultz has denied the claims, and, in 2012, Queen's suit was tossed out of court. But an appeals court restored the suit
The powerful, super-wealthy people at the top of the economic food chain have noticed all this populist stirring. Boy, have they noticed. In spite of all their power and wealth, they are offended that anyone is suggesting that the system should be tinkered with. They're speaking out -- in truly silly ways -- and putting their money where their mouths are.
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Watch Schultz's comments in the clip above. "Mr. President, say no to this project," Schultz said. "I turn this night on
But that came as news to the Broward County Democrats. Their event has been billed by local press as the biggest fundraiser
Ed Schultz defended Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman Monday night for his post-game rant that went viral over the weekend
Ann Coulter took to Twitter to call Ed Schultz "a lying p-ssy" on Wednesday night. "But of course, Republicans, they’re afraid
Schultz, who has made labor rights a rallying cry on his MSNBC show, hit out against the piece — as well as those who criticized
"Hannity claims that I’m looking for attention? Excuse me? I’ve been in this business for 35 years. I’ve got all the attention