Eddie Aikau

Sometimes, Mother Nature's fury leaves you with only one option: RUN.
Clyde Aikau might be retiring, but he can still school some of the world's greatest surfers.
The competition ran on Thursday, which was the first time in seven years that waves were big enough to hold it.
"The Eddie," which requires perfect 40-foot waves, hasn't run since 2009.
At the MaiTai Maui opening ceremony the mayor of Maui, Alan Arakawa revealed, "I have the easiest job in the world," with a smile, "look around you - it's the most beautiful place on earth." And with that I was inspired to explore his beautiful island.
Orange County, California -- Massive paddle-out for the passing of pastor Chuck Smith. (Oct. 21, 2013) Surfers around the
In the ocean and life, we more often fail to launch ourselves because of our ideas about perfection than anything else. You think maybe the next wave will be better and let the current one pass you by.
Yesterday, a ceremony was held at Waimea Bay to celebrate the beginning of the waiting period for the contest. Competitors
Burle made it down the wave, but claims that he broke the world record for largest wave ever surfed have met criticism from
ESPN couldn’t have premiered a more restorative "30 for 30" documentary if they had planned it. Where Director Sam George