eddie eagle

Eddie Eagle isn't as overtly sinister as the "Who Is America?" iteration, but he doesn't seem to be helping kids, either.
But research has found there’s a big difference between a child being able to talk about safety measures and actually being
The “Full Frontal” host's mission to obtain the outfit didn't go entirely to plan.
Mark, you may believe that the Eddie Eagle program is a serious and successful effort to spread the word about gun safety, but it's actually the NRA's poster child for making everyone believe that the organization represents a positive force in the debate about guns.
Eddie Eagle, the mascot created by the NRA to teach kids gun safety, is kind of like a Smokey the Bear -- but with loaded guns instead of lit matches. Now, however, the NRA has been thoroughly co-opted by the gun manufacturers, and Eddie the Eagle is no more.
"The purpose of the Eddie Eagle Program isn't to teach whether guns are good or bad, but rather to promote the protection
By promoting Eddie Eagle as its answer to gun safety, the NRA places the burden on children to stay away from guns. Why does the NRA continue to stand in the way of adult education and child safety laws that could stem the carnage?