Eddie Fisher

That came later. Co-director Fisher Stevens (left) with Carrie Fisher. Judging by the roar of applause by the time the credits
Reynolds' daughter, Carrie Fisher, died one day before she did.
A love triangle defined the actresses' personal lives in the late 1950s.
She died days after suffering a heart attack.
Less damaged by his parents' divorce, Todd said as a producer he had to fight to leave in the footage of his sister's song
The doctor palpated the man's stomach, intestines, then had him turn over, get on his knees on the table, and stick his butt
He could no longer hold a pencil, and he had stopped listening to music. A surprise, as he always was listening to music. My mentor. We had been together for 28 years. Years of concerts and life, a few triumphs amidst the failures.
Among the many pleasures of the Grease-themed benefit for the Prostate Cancer Foundation this weekend in Wainscott, was seeing
Today's entertainment news seems to be filled with conflict. There's the Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt saga, the war against the Kardashians, the public's turning against Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway, just to name a few.