Eddie Murphy

The "Coming 2 America" star made the declaration to Jimmy Kimmel, who said "that's a great answer."
The actor joked about Will Smith's emphatic directive at last year's Oscars as he gave his Golden Globes speech accepting a lifetime achievement award.
The "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Nutty Professor" actor will accept the honor at next month's ceremony.
The Netflix comedy by Kenya Barris shows Murphy grilling Hill about race and relationships in a cringe-making exchange.
“The Distinguished Gentleman” isn’t one of Murphy’s most notable films, but that doesn’t mean Congress couldn’t benefit from the film’s lesson.
The “Coming 2 America" actor’s path began on the stage with stand-up comedy. Now he’s starring alongside comedy greats.
Some sequels exist simply because they can.
The "Coming 2 America" stars recalled being ordered to pick from a list of white men for the 1988 original.
The legendary comedian memorably won "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2012.
"The Coming 2 America" actor reflected on the iconic encounter that was hilariously told by Charlie Murphy on "Chappelle's Show."