Eddie Vedder

Like the loyal baseball fan who had followed the Baltimore Orioles win or lose since childhood -- even though I never spent
"Eddie's voice is a comforting one, I've known it almost my whole life," said Ketel, who called herself the "newest member
Holding up a sticker with a KOTO Radio sticker, Eddie Vedder explains how he came to know Telluride. "I think we've got time
"It's like his penis gets smaller every time he says huge."
I have to admit, I was never a big Pearl Jam fan. In fact, up until yesterday afternoon, when my girlfriend told me her company had a box next to the stage, I still thought they were a bunch of over-hyped, mediocre, whiny, grunge rockers who'd long since past their prime.
Until we meet again, and love always, Sezín Dear Pearl Jam, Your show gave me the most profound and cathartic emotional release