Edgar Mitchell

The Autonomous Space Agency Network launched its weather balloon tweet in solidarity with the upcoming March for Science rally.
Question: When "Sixth Sense" was published in 1990, there was a lot of skepticism and suspicion from the scientific community
"Pick an image that ignites the joy in you. It can be your child, a pet, the ocean, a painting you love -- something that inspires a sense of wonder. And any time you feel contracted, go to it to help you expand."
If you're ever longing for the simpler days, before this era of addictively looking down at some inane comment a faux "friend" says, this show brings you to that quieter space, back when we could just sit and listen and think, without outside chatter or interruptions.
Mitchell believes at some point in between the Apollo and space shuttle programs, NASA regulations were modified. Not so
This Sunday we will be talking on KGNU about how each of us would have a richer life and the world would be better off if we could just stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of being still.
Such transcended moments can take the form of dissolving our sense of being a separate self. For Deb's mother, it occurred
Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, appeared on a British radio show to say that he was "privileged enough