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“The recall vote (revocatory referendum) is clearly established in our constitution, and it is our right to activate it with no further delay."
And why casting a non-Latino actor as Roberto Durán would have been "unforgivable."
"Every boxer is someone's hero." It's a saying that's been hard to attach to Roberto Durán. Most people assume that he is just an infamous Panamanian boxer who walked out on a match against Sugar Ray Leonard, uttering the words, "No Mas (no more)." There's more to him than that controversial moment. This very well acted, entertaining and informative bio film reveals all: Rough childhood, abandonment issues, international champion, infamy, resurgence and hometown hero.
A gun is an option for solving the soap's operatic greed. In Joy's story, life follows daytime drama. Joy's menagerie includes her mom Terry (Virginia Madsen), dad Rudy (Robert De Niro), half sister Peggy (Elisabeth Rohm), her ex (Edgar Ramirez) and her kids.
The first trailer for David O. Russell's latest film, "Joy" (unofficial subtitle: "At Least Five Oscar Nominations"), is
Lawrence will star in the drama as Joy Mangano, a Long Island single mother turned successful entrepreneur, as she creates
In the end, biopics don't mimic. A biopic evokes. This film is the evocation of the humanity that could have been behind
At first, you might think that this creepy crime movie is just another The Exorcist rip-off -- but it's better than that. Better.
The Wrap reports the three actors will star in "Holland, Michigan." The script, written by Andrew Sodroski, got a nod as
When we think about romance and passion our mind goes to legendary figures like Don Juan de Marco, a Latino casanova who
What a night! The 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards are done but no one -- no one! -- will forget the great energy, the razzle dazzle
It was recently reported that Mexican-American actor Michael Peña (“Crash,” “World Trade Center’) has been cast to play Civil
As I watched the final few minutes of Wrath of the Titans, I thought, "What I wouldn't give to be a 10-year-old boy right now."
Amidst all its terror, Wrath of the Titans is fun and a good watch.