Marijuana-infused foods are evolving far beyond pot brownies.
Charles Karel Bouley II Edibles just got upgraded to the top of the Foodie chain and in the process are making a celebrity
Watch the Munchies video above to witness Saeed's journey, and for secrets on how to make a batch of THC-infused ice cream
Colorado health officials quickly backed away from a ban on nearly all edible forms of pot. As other states move to legalize marijuana, we look at policy initiatives that will keep pot legal and safe.
Edibles will no longer be some hazy, undefined grey area under the MMMA. They will be regulated and counted toward a patient's allowable 2.5 ounces. How did the lawmakers decide to calculate the weight of edibles?
Patients rely on a medicated cookie or lozenge to get them by when they're in a public space where inhaled cannabis isn't an option. So there will remain a demand for medicated treats, and when there is a demand, someone will step up with the supply.
“The meal is a carefully calibrated experience from start to finish," a description on the club’s website reads. "Marijuana