Edie Falco

Longtime "Law & Order" producer René Balcer explains why the Menendez Brothers' case is just as captivating as the O.J. trial.
"It’s difficult, but far from impossible and we smile more than we cry.” -- Regina King
You don't have to have a passion for Pagliacci to know the life of a clown has a tragic dimension. Without going to operatic
This is polished, quality stuff, starting with the cast. He has rounded up Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, Jessica
Edie Falco's Favorite 'Nurse Jackie' Moment
When the director yells "cut," Falco knows she can take off her scrubs and return home to her children, her real life.
If you have been a constant fan of this series, you are going to love these final episodes. When it is over, there are still questions to be answered, but you will have a sense of satisfaction (depending on your viewpoint) as to where it leaves the story.
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Strong women role models, TV heroines, and more importantly for we mid-lifers, women in their almost 50s, are showing up in great leading roles. I started to make a list and wanted to share some of my favorites,
Edie Falco and Merritt Weaver continue to head a cast that brings every nuance of their characters' personalities to the fore. This is certainly a season of change and with change comes complications.
"Nurse Jackie" was renewed for a sixth season in June 2013 and at the time Showtime President David Nevins said, "Under the
But then I saw some of the people who were going to do it -- like Edie and Lorraine [Bracco] and Vinnie and Tony. I didn't
James Gandolfini got a special spotlight tribute at the 2013 Emmys from his "Sopranos" co-star Edie Falco. "You all knew
Louis-Dreyfus' "Veep" will return for a third season on HBO. Louis-Dreyfus was up against Lena Dunham for "Girls," Amy Poehler
PHOTOS: Sunday night's 2013 Emmy Awards brought gorgeous ensembles and impossibly high heels to Hollywood, and Edie Falco's
And because we can never have enough female empowerment on television — fictional or otherwise — we’re taking a look at some