The magazine's first issue under a new editor marks a major shift by showcasing a rising black, openly lesbian female performer.
Your job in the revision stage is to make sure that your book says what you want it to say, in the way that you want to say it. This is your book and your voice, after all.
But I've been hearing for years from many readers that books published by legacy publishers are filled with typos and errors of all kinds. I've seen it myself. And I wonder what's happened to copy editing as a field.
It is June and Lucia is now one year old. Bill Gates once said, "Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and
Decorum must prevail when you're in the office, so nasty-nice code words and phrases stand in for candor. Here's how to decipher passive-aggressive workplace communication.
Answers by Mary Norris, author of Between You & Me, copy editor at The New Yorker, on Quora. And then there is the comma
Who am I now? That's still an open question for me, and I'm not someone who's especially comfortable with ambiguity. If this is a beginning, rather than an end, what is it that's beginning? And if other people no longer look at me and see the president, who do they see?
Editors are one of the most important people in the publishing industry and people take what they do for granted and frankly, it makes me angry, so angry that I even gawked at a family member who wanted to use my services for free because they needed a writer/editor.
While there are plenty of blogs about blogging, and about other things that sometimes include blogging, the five below are
As a freelance writer, I use the web constantly to find new information, research topics I don't know and find people to interview. However, as wonderful as it is to be able to instantly have the world of information so easy to access, it has also made unintended plagiarism unintended easy.
I suppose I'll just have to grin and bear the typos and grammar and awkwardly phrased sentences that no doubt have been born from an era of career-orientation, emoticons, and economic pressures. After all, if there was no bad writing, there'd be no opportunities for people like me to make it good.
It was an exhaustive edit, and completely expert. I now realize that I should have done nothing. I should have waited for
Correct: Just between you and me, I don't like Tom and him. (Tip: To get pronouns correct, leave out the other people and
One of the worst mistakes I ever made as a green novelist was to ignore the advice of editors and friends who told me certain manuscripts needed overhauling.
"I'd have to say my art imitates my life. I've always been one to throw myself off cliffs. Not because I'm brave, but because I can't stop myself; that's how I learn best."
I have the utmost respect for editors. It is their job to see that your book is readable and flows from start to finish. There will always be times, however, when disagreements about characters, lines, and scenes are going to happen. And those disagreements are a good thing.
In the arena, we learn more about ourselves. If an editor wants us to research this idea or provide more solid evidence, then we're going to take his lead and trust that this can only help us as writers.
We first met Virginia Pye at the James River Writers Conference (another reason to attend what is a great conference) and we were immediately struck by how curious she was.
My friend Alana Atwood, who edits a prestigious Seattle-based literary magazine, recently received a submission that was poorly written.