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"Other groups/companies are boycotting because that is the only way they can express a political opinion. And expressing an opinion is precisely what we do, so I say we should go to the heart of the controversy and speak out on this issue."
Three of the nation’s best political cartoonists discuss what it’s like being a woman in the industry -- and depicting one on the page.
Cruz slammed the paper, saying his children are "out of your league."
What a difference four decades make....
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2013-10-15-mikesmithnsablog.jpg Face it, you're worried about all of your tweets, texts and Facebook posts that the NSA may have stored in the deep, dark recesses of a computer bank.
The Daily Texan reposted the cartoon online with a statement from the editorial board: "A controversial editorial cartoon
The use of such Nazi imagery serves a dual purpose: It trivializes the actual events of the Holocaust while labeling Israel's actions against the Palestinians as "Nazi-like."
Long before Jon Stewart regaled us with his deliciously crafted imagery to make sharply pointed political statements, a posse of fearless editorial cartoonists did much the same thing.
But there's just one problem. In December, Apple rejected his iPhone app, NewsToons, because, as Apple put it, his satire