A website displaying McDonalds' famed golden arches and promising jobs at the fast-food empire quickly pushes visitors instead to recruiters at for-profit colleges, including those owned by two of the largest and most troubled companies in this sector.
Congress and the Obama administration seem to believe U.S. households don't need further protection from the financial industry.
They probably thought that someone would remove the notes they left for the writer.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others are "profoundly dissatisfied" with the Obama administration's settlement with a for-profit college chain accused of cheating students and taxpayers.
A major for-profit college would also get some help.
After settling multiple law enforcement investigations this month on absurdly favorable terms, troubled for-profit college company Education Management Corp. (EDMC) may be on the verge of getting a sweetheart deal from Congress -- a deal that would compound the harms that the company already has caused to students and taxpayers.
If law enforcement continues these half-measures, the real power will continue to reside at the U.S. Department of Education, which provides almost all of the funding for these predatory for-profit colleges.
"This settlement provides zero justice for the people who have been harmed by EDMC."
The fact that federal aid is still available to go to EDMC schools and other predatory for-profit colleges serves as both a financial lure and a Good Housekeeping seal to draw these students in.