Muslims have increasingly been a target of aggression in Canada — and 2019 is off to a discouraging start.
The attacks took place in the city of Edmonton on Saturday night.
The victim was also forced to ride in a van to court with her attacker.
People have been moving away from Canada's largest metropolitan areas (Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver) for the last decade, according to Statistics Canada 2004/5 to 2013/4 data. Canada's patterns of dispersion over the past decade mirror the metropolitan dispersion that is continuing in most high-income world nations.
All Canadians, including middle income and lower income households, should enjoy the benefits of rising incomes, not having them eaten away by higher house prices that rise substantially faster. This requires serious policy reforms where urban containment is in place and avoiding implementation elsewhere.
O' Canada -- this is the best mall ever!
"The bottom line was … I wanted to get that dog adopted,” Sobel told Global News of his determination to keep Ripple onscreen