education budget cuts

Arguing that education budget cuts have whittled away their future, more than 1,000 Boston public school students took to
"When you are presented with news reporting and statistics and graphics, it's very easy to distance yourself from the problems
I've been told by people involved in physical education that gym class has changed since when I was a kid in the 1980s. Now it's about individual achievement and exercise programs. It wasn't like that when I was a kid.
The "MythBusters" guys may not be professional scientists, but they have strong opinions about how science education should
A few nights ago I attended our high school choir concert. It was particularly bittersweet because our young choir director has had quite a year.
Talk to any LAUSD teacher and they will tell you they clearly want a fair, living wage and that a raise is long overdue. In fact, in my conversations with fellow teachers and health and human services professionals, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks a raise isn't long overdue.
Packer emphasized that federal investment in education helps fill in gaps that state and local programs don't cover. Sequestration
The GOP is at it again -- trying to give damaging policy ideas a pretty name in hopes that Americans will not notice that the ideas themselves are dangerous.
These doubts mirror those expressed in another survey. This month's edition of Whiteboard Advisors Education Insider survey
In the wake of recent budget cuts, the state temporarily relaxed most earmarks, telling districts they could still receive