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The UN has pledged to pay special attention to girls who face the greatest disadvantage.
However, some countries that seemed nearly hopeless for girls when the EFA goals were agreed upon have managed to make significant
While the world promised that by the end of next year every single child would be at school, the total figure for children who are being deprived not just of an education but of the oxygen of opportunity was 57 million last year.
My mind turns to Afghanistan -- a country where bombs go off and have been going off intermittently for the past 50 years. I imagine my father risking torn limbs and shards for my education. I imagine how it would feel to live in constant and pernicious fear.
The documentary Girl Rising -- the title evokes uprising -- mixes urgency with great storytelling appeal. The latest moment of the feminist revolution is not about debating issues of women's equality in the workplace. It is about changing the world one girl at a time through education.
Today, 25,000 girls got married. All of them were under 18 and most had no say in when or who they would marry. The overwhelming majority will drop out of school if they haven't already. This is not acceptable.