education spending

If the United States valued education as much as military activities, children in elementary schools would have 45% more spent on their education than is provided now. High schools would see their budgets go up by 71%.
Arne Duncan calls on state and local leaders to make a change.
This figure takes into consideration a number of different expenses, such as transportation costs, instructional costs and student resources, among other things.
Wagner did not immediately respond to a Huffington Post request for comment. But in a statement on his website, Wagner defended
The care we give to buying a vacuum cleaner is absent when we consider the test scores released to the news media by the states and local school districts. And, from those test scores the news media, politicians, and the general public reach simplistic conclusions about the effectiveness of public education.
The data was compiled based on responses to the School District Finance Survey, which collected information from individual
The Illinois State Board of Education released its annual Report Card with ratings and summaries of stats about schools across Illinois for the 2013-2014 school year.
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If state budget trends reflect the country's policy priorities, then the U.S. currently values prisoners over children, a