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They provide BabyBooster Packs when mothers visit the clinic. Each of these 6 packs consist of five written words and their
Anant Agarwal explains why "tech not taxes" is the approach politicians should take to the education system.
"It would have options for learning environments."
After a 10-year hiatus, climate change is back in Alabama public schools. Evolution, too, raises its mutant fuzzy head. Alabamian youth will not have to believe these things, but they will need to know, for instance, that the globe is warming and the data indicate it's humanity's fault.
Schools are killing creativity. But rather than just sharing articles and liking pages, let's actually do something about it; educators, implement some of these ideas, and comment on how they go. Let's bring on the education revolution, together!
Gallup arrived at its conclusions by asking teachers how many days in the past month poor health kept them from participating
A great failure of our educational system today is its inability to reaffirm -- much less inspire --the sense of a larger purpose in American youth.
While I was sitting in my economics class we were discussing how voting works in America. The teacher asked a simple question: "How does voting work?" You could hear crickets in the background.
A child's life often hinges on the level and depth of education he/she receives. We must clear out the noise and bring advocates from both sides into the same room. We cannot continue to ignore the plight of our children, and we cannot continue to attack one another.
Being a principal is like being caught in the middle of a tug of war. One end of the rope is the state and school board. The other end is held by the students/teachers/families in your school.