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"We of course had to get it framed to prevent people from chewing on Jennifer's ears," Meyer said in the release. The portrait
Meyer has purchased more than 100 items this year at Bizarre Buying Bazaar events –- from a rare New Guinea widow’s finger
"You have to see it to believe it" indeed! Ripley's archivist Edward Meyer joins HuffPost Live and brings along some wacky items, including sculptures made from nail clippings and chewed gum, extreme clothing and dressed up cockroaches.
Kennedy, 52, lives in Branford, Conn., which is part of the 12th District, and works as a health care lawyer. Patrick Kennedy
"I'd like to work as a specialty model, but my original intent was not to exploit myself," she said. "However, it seems to
After sorting the keys by color -- black, brown, gray, yellow and shades of off-white, Powell got to work, starting with
Ripley's 'Dare To Look' Gallery: "On page 43, there is what I believe is the most terrifying photo: A woman with nostrils
Ty, a 17-year-old tiger kept in Florida had the gigantic hunk of fuzz removed from its stomach after not eating for nearly
"The Jivaro Indians were keeping the head because that is where the soul is supposed to be -- the whole purpose of the shrunken
PHOTOS: (Article Continues Below) Meyer bought the portrait as soon as he heard about it and it appears prominently in the